With FnOGuru, you can get any type of strategy (Bullish, Bearish, Volatile and Neutral) at any time as per your need   |   With FnOGuru, you can overlay any number of times   |   With FnOGuru, you can Delta Hedge your strategies on an on-going basis    |    FnOGuru gives you the best return in terms of % p.a. It considers the Span + Exposure Margin of every combination before suggesting a strategy


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Recent News

Posted on 20 May 22
Nifty ends up by 2.89% at 16,266.15. Top gainers Dr Reddy, Reliance, Adani Ports, JSW Steel, Tata Motors, Nestle, Tata Steel, Cipla, LT, Indus Ind Bank. Top losers Shree Cements, UPL.



"It is an excellent platform for trading and gives a better return on my investment with well-controlled risks."

-Santosh, Trader

What is FnOGuru?

FnOGuru is a decision-driven Derivatives trading tool. It currently works in the NSE Derivatives market with select Indices and Stocks.

The philosophy of FnOGuru is that it should be possible to enter into a Derivatives trading strategy only by understanding the underlying and knowing what you want. For example, you may be willing to take a maximum risk of 20% on your investment amount and believe that Nifty should be within a range of -5% to +5% of it's current levels. With these inputs, FnOGuru will suggest the best strategies to enter at that moment.

FnOGuru does not end it's task with the entry. It monitors every strategy on a minute-by-minute basis and suggests an exit as an alert via mail. You can also enter into a new strategy (termed as "Overlay"), while holding on to your existing trades. With the overlay feature, you can have a completely different set of expectations, for example - you may now believe that the maximum risk you could take is only 10% and Nifty has a bullish trend.

FnOGuru is hosted on the cloud on high-end configured machines for better user experience. The application has been load-balanced for better up-time. It uses complex algos for Entry as well as Exit.

Come, witness the power of trading in Derivatives.